TEAC TN300 Review

This is our review of the TEAC TN300 Turntable

For many audiophiles, having a great-sounding record player that doesn’t break the bank is crucial for their listening setup, and it can be difficult to find a model that meets the high-quality audio demands of audiophiles on a budget.

Here at Set the Record Player, I’ve experienced this struggle myself of not having much luck with more affordable record players. Today that changes: we’ll take a look at the TEAC TN300, a turntable that sounds and costs just as nice as it looks. In this TEAC TN300 review, I’ll go over all of its features, talk about its performance, design, price, and give you a list of pros and cons to provide you with enough information to make a well-informed purchase if you like this model that I highly recommend. 

Fluance RT82 or RT83 , the Audio Advice Rega Planar 1 , and the Orbit Plus from U-Turn Audio.

Our Verdict

Overall, the TEAC TN300 is suitable for audiophiles or vinyl collectors of any experience level who are on a budget or who are wanting something cheaper that is flexible and high-quality, but still very easy to use. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start collecting and listening to vinyl, or to those of you audiophiles who want a cheaper addition to your listening setup that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality or features.

The TEAC TN300 is actually no longer in production, with TEAC moving on to other models, but the TN300 still proves to be a worthy contender in their line. 

Because it’s no longer in production, the TN300 will be a bit harder to find and it might be more expensive, but you can find the TN300 on Newegg or HiFi Heaven.