How to Clean a Vinyl Record

Looking for the best way to clean your vinyl? Here’s our step by step guide to cleaning your records.
  • Remove Static and Dust
  • Inspect Record
  • Clean
  • Rinse & Dry
  • Store
  • Equipment

    Before you start, and depending on the condition of your records, there are some different pieces of equipment that can be used. 

    • Anti Static Brush – a mainstay for any record enthusiast, these are designed to remove dust and static effectively without damaging the record.
    • Microfiber Cloth – used in conjunction with a cleaning solution for when you need to get those smudge and fingerprint marks off your favourite record.
    • Cleaning Solution – we would generally recommend using a dedicated vinyl cleaning solution; and avoid alcohol based solutions as can strip the protective away.
    • Anti Static Sleeves – For storage

    Remove Static and Dust

    Inspect Record
    Rinse & Dry

    Once the record is dry, give it one last brush with the anti-static brush and store it safely by tucking it in its sleeve – we’d recommend storing your records in anti-static sleeves! It is also recommended to store your records vertically rather than piled up on top of each other – otherwise the weight of the pile can compress and damage the vinyl at the bottom.

    Record Storage Ideas.

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